Elliptic curves can be used as a public key algorithm. This allows them to be used for things like authorizing ssh clients, verifying server identity, and and signing message with certificates to certify origin.

This page is a tool used for ECDSA, which is signing and verifying certificates.


The private key is a single N bit number. It's almost always DER encoded, which is a format that stores a some extra data like the algorithm and the curve. This format is used by openssl, ssh, and you usually want keys/certificates of this format.

DER(ASN.1) encoded private key (base64). This format also contains the public key bellow.:

DER(ASN.1) encoded public key (base64):

Raw hex private key, contains one 32 byte number (d, multiplier of generator point).

Raw hex public key. Contains two 32 byte numbers (x and y), prefixed by "04". (x, y) = P = d * G, where G is the generator point on the curve.


This is the message you want to sign with the key. (plain text)


This is the signature of the message. Given the message, this signature, and the public key, you can be sure that whoever signed the message had the private key.

The signature consists of two 32 bit numbers, x and y.

Signature (as xxxxxxyyyyyy) (hex):